Wake them up! |

Wake them up!

Toppling the ruling elite’ dynasties behind every conspiracy we know and the ones we do not know yet takes *disobedience* not acts of war and violence.

It never works, they have all that it takes to crush any uprising, as we have seen over and over again, from Occupy Wall Street to Standing Rock. They have been perfecting this absolute control for centuries.

To be able to make it meaningful enough for a massive change to happen we have to have our hypnotized brothers and sisters understand what is going on and dis-obey as well.

The power the Elite has only comes from us allowing them to have it. Let’s do it and refuse ANY vaccine or swab test, any restrictions and theft of our human and civil rights, and any illegal mandated muzzling!

The information below has enough facts that might open your friends' eyes:

Covid patents and timeline

MSM Covid-19 Fake News and hypocrisy



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