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Write with no fear!

​Are you also all about exposing the truth and find yourself saying to your friends every 6 months, "I TOLD YOU!"?

Do you also experience repeated harassment from your social media platform, jailing you or removing your account arbitrarily for just telling the truth?


Hi, and thank you for visiting our boutique blogosphere! 

My name is Aviad Giat, a Light Warrior, and a Truth Teller. I created this website to write about anything I want without big-tech censorship, shadow-banning, and demonetization. I used my skills as a Webmaster to create an advanced working tool for writing simple or extensive blog posts that can be shared anywhere easily and safely. 

If you also want to enjoy the great tools I compiled here for publishing articles/blogs, please feel free to create your new account and try it out.    

* Your content on iToldYou! belongs to You! You can do anything you want with it, including publishing, editing, deleting, un-publishing, restricting access, etc.
** Your private information and your actions on iToldYou! will never be shared with advertisers.
*** Tip: Post on iToldYou! what you wouldn't post on your social and then post a link to your iToldYou! post on your social hinting at what you wrote about. We call it "RSB" (Reverse Shadow Banning).