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WEF Orders Govt’s To Arrest Whistleblowers Who Expose Depopulation Agenda

Who controls your world?

It is not new that a tiny minority of the world population controls most of the world's resources and are the owners of the biggest monopolies which our lives are in many cases depending on.

Who are America's 'useful idiots'?

Our controllers maintain our demonization and disgust of certain demographics in the population for us NOT to learn about the actual realistic, truthful, and non-biased messages from their entire scope of messages. "Divide and rule."

Memes 1

Here are the mems I was banned from FB for. Click the 1st image, and it will become a Gallery.

Rose McGowan talking about Britney Spears

Rose McGowan, an actress, multi-media artist, writer and thought leader, speaks about the restrictions Britney Spears has been under during her conservatorship on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Wake them up!

Toppling the ruling elite’ dynasties behind every conspiracy we know and the ones we do not know yet takes *disobedience* not acts of war and violence.

Corporate Media Censorship

Who controls things in this country and the world? Apparently, not the People, nor our representatives. We are not living in a democracy anymore if we ever had. Either here in the US or any other "developed" country.

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