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Truthers websites iToldYou! is indexing

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The following is a list of websites that we decided are serving truth rather than spreading lies and fake news.
This list will grow as members of the community recommend more truthful sources.
  1. Mercola
  2. The Common Sense Show
  3. The Corbett Report
  4. iToldYou!
  5. u4See
  6. Andrew Kaufman
  7. Rumble
  8. Bitchute
  10. Geo-Engineering Watch
  11. The High Wire
  12. Fight With Kash
  13. Crazz Files
  14. Open Vaers
  15. Ice Age Farmer
  16. Be Freedom
  17. Amazing Polly
  18. Media Monarchy
  19. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
  20. Natural News
  21. David Martin
  22. David Martin Youtube
  23. Questioning Covid
  24. The Last America Vagabond
  25. Jason Christoff
  26. Geopolitics & Empire
  27. Project Camelot
  28. Dark Journalist
  29. Weston A. Price Foundation
  30. Wrenching The Gears
  31. Stop World Control
  32. Consortium News
  33. Open Secrets
  34. Aeva
  35. X22 Report
  36. Wrong Kind of Green
  37. Book of Ours
  38. The Grey Zone
  39. Reignite Democracy Australia
  40. La Quinta Columna
  41. Real Progressives
  42. Children Health Defense
  43. Jerm Warfare
  44. Heart Over Hexagons
  45. Biblioteca Pleyades
  46. Circle of the Dolphins
  47. Center For an Informed America
  48. Vaccine Damage
  49. Project Veritas
  50. The Jimmy Dore Show
  51. Earth Newspaper
  52. The Mel K Show
  53. Banned Video
  54. How Bad
  55. The Epoch Times
  56. ICAN
  57. The Rotational MonoFeeding diet (RMF)
  58. Raw School
  59. Mastering Diabetes
  60. Nutrition Facts
  61. Nutrition Studies
  62. Richard Gage 9/11 Truth
  63. Life Site News
  64. Denis Rancourt
  65. Freedom Platform
Want to add a new truth-speaking and credible website to this search? Drop us a line or comment on this post below with the name of the website/channel and why it should be included on our list.

Note! Use your own discernment when following any links. Some websites have contrary information about the same topic, for example, articles on can support vaccination, and others object vaccination.