A documentary about coverups, corruption and viruses |

A documentary about coverups, corruption and viruses

One of the most eye-opening documentaries that were made during the Covid-19 engineered pandemic.

Banned by Google services, Facebook, Twitter, and other Corporate online mass tools, like Wikipedia. Smeared as a conspiracy theorist by the above powerful corporations and organizations, Mikki Willis, the producer, did it twice and doubled down with the second part on the criticism his first documentary received.

After watching the documentary, it is easier to understand why the richest people in this country will be upset with it and why they would go as far as seeding so much disinformation and smears on the project and the main interviewee, Judy Mikovits.

Here is what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote about Dr. Mikovits on his Children's Health Defense website:

Judy Mikovits joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute and began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus and link it to #AIDS in 1983. Her NIH boss Anthony Fauci delayed publication of that critical paper for 6 months to let his protégé Robert Gallo replicate, publish and claim credit. The delay in mass HIV testing let AIDS further spread around the globe and helped Fauci win promotion to director NIAID.  Read more interesting details about Dr. Mikovits here.

Part 1

Part 2



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