MSM Covid-19 Fake News and hypocrisy |

MSM Covid-19 Fake News and hypocrisy

In this ongoing and frequently updated post, I will expose if and how the Mainstream Media is manipulating people's minds before, during, and after the Covid-19 ongoing operation.
As always, you could do your own research, and I hope that the information in this post can be an eye-opening resource for you.

But first, some questions range from broad to specific.
What if a handful of people make critical decisions regarding your life in secret rooms without asking you? What if Covid-19 was manufactured by this handful of ultra-wealthy people (the 0.01%)? The documentary Everything is a rich man's trick demonstrates this reality from a historical perspective of the Kennedy assassination to the 9/11 alleged terror attack. 
What if the push for vaccinating every human on this planet, to covering our faces with masks that do not really help, was engineered to steer society into a future in which you nor I have a vote or willing choice?  Could this ultra-wealthy club have enough power and wealth to practically own and influence most of the worlds' Mainstream Media (MSM), Hollywood's film industry, Washington's politicians (including presidents), The WHO, the CDC, and the Vatican?  

In the beginning...

Let's start at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and even before.
The world came to a halt and intently listened to the "Officials" who shared alarmingly big numbers, such as 20 million deaths in 2020. Naturally, we were afraid, and these numbers gave a justifiable reason for a worldwide lockdown. The aim was to flatten the curve (in 14 days...) and make sure hospitals could accommodate the ill. Fear and/or precautions were induced by the same people who apparently knew a pandemic was coming beforehand, such as Bill Gates' Nostradamus like Ted Talk back in 2017, or Fauci promise from January 10, 2017, a pandemic will surprisingly hit the next administration or Event 201 that assimilated a global pandemic only a few months before the "discovery" of the virus.

By July 2020,  we were nowhere near 20 million deaths by this very contagious and lethal virus. The death rate was so low that the story shifted to "cases" using oftentimes unreliable tests for Covid-19.  CNN admitted that they were wrong with the numbers and lowered the estimation to tens of thousands by August.
One must also question the death toll numbers when hospitals are given monetary incentives to list death as Covid and even change the standard by listing a death as "Covid complications"?

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains in a lengthy post how the CDC lists vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated.

Here are examples of the Medical Establishment's half-truths and full-blown lies, mainstream faulty news, staged news, and "mistaken" Covid deaths:

The Intercept exposed the NIH lie about Gain of Function

"The Intercept has obtained more than 900 pages of documents detailing the work of EcoHealth Alliance, a U.S.-based health organization that used federal money to fund bat coronavirus research at the Chinese laboratory. "
In other words, the US Government and Fauci's NIH through EcoHealth Alliance funded, what is called, "Gain of Function research", which is nothing else but gaining the function of viruses to infect animals, in humans. Even shorter, a manufactured Bioweapon.
"Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to Democrat President Joe Biden, has previously denied the National Institute of Health [NIH] has ever funded such research."
Here is the repeated lie (and some body language tips in the second video below), under oath in congress:

Fauci's body language at the US Congress about the "Gain of Function" scandal.

Interesting to note that the NIH on October 2021 stated that EcoHealth Alliance violated Terms and Conditions of NIH grant AI110964.
Click here to load the letter the NIH sent to the Committee on Oversight and Reform. Here is the second part of the letter.

2022 - Dr. Fauci lies again. This time he said he did not recommend lockdowns while in 2020 he was proud of recommending the president to do lockdown:


Joe Rogan's Horse Dewormer

CNN and other corporate media outlets insisted on demonizing Joe Rogan and Ivermectin by falsely stating that he took a horse dewormer, when in fact, by Rogan himself, he did not.

Rogan has recovered from COVID-19 and used his first show back to spread misinformation about the horse-deworming drug he took. (Vice)

Here is a video from CNN where Cooper brings guests who say half-truths about the Ivermectin, but more important for the above point, demonize and ridicule Joe Rogan, who did, btw, came back to himself pretty quickly, using doctors who care more about him than the pharmaceutical companies' revenues. Big pharma, in a non-election year, is the biggest advertiser on MSM:

And here is Joe Rogan talking about the MSM fake news:

Joe Rogan confronts CNN medical correspondent about his organization lying about Rogan's "horse de-wormer" (Ivermectin) use:

As always, Max Blumenthal explains the above fakery in a very coherent way:

Grand Staging in Michigan

In the USA, Project Veritas, an independent journalist, released an exposé on how "a CBS News crew pulled medical professionals off the floor at the Cherry Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to line up in their vehicles so a CBS film crew would have a long line for their COVID-19 coverage."  This is a shorter clip of Project Veritas' exposé from another news source:

Fear and exaggerations in Australia

Similarly, in Australia, Sky News host Andrew Bolt shares how he is “suspicious” of the information Australians are being given and believes “exaggerations” are being fed to the public to induce panic regarding COVID-19. Bolt aims to debunk the misleading stories by exposing the media's lie about an Australian man who allegedly died from the Coronavirus and immediately after is proved by Dr. Jeannette Young, QLD chief health officer, that the man had died from other reasons. The Covid-19 stamp was assigned to his death for no reason but ramping up the numbers. Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does since this phenomenon of bumping up the numbers of Covid-19 has been spreading throughout the Globe, almost in every country!

Here, a man passes away from a motorcycle accident, but his death is listed as a Covid-19 death. This is but one of several "mistaken" Covid death announcements and falsely listed deaths.

Nothing is new under the Sun

Sometimes we need to study our past to understand what is going on today. In 1976, when our US News still had some Journalistic integrity, 60 minutes investigated the Pharmaceutical industry's handling and sensationalism of the Swine Flu and pushing their vaccine, which led to people being injured. Today, the Pharmaceutical industry outspends the Petroleum in lobbying, which puts it at number one for influence.

Same Script, Same Tactics, Same Players - 10 years prior, they tried the same but failed:


From an investigative journalist

James Corbett, from the Corbett Report, explains how the Elite is lying to us about the numbers and validity of the tests:


NY Post exposes the media lies

Here is an article from the New York Post that exposes the media's misinterpretation of the Covid-19 death toll:

CNN tried various ways of rubbing in the 200,000 figure. Their best effort was an infographic blaring, “US COVID-19 deaths are equal to having the 9/11 attacks every day for 66 days.”

Here’s a less biased, but less catchy, comparison: 2020’s attributed COVID-19 deaths were equivalent to having another 2017-2018 flu and pneumonia season boosted by 13 percent. 

The CDC itself caused a stir at the end of August by estimating that the virus directly caused only 6 percent, or now just over 11,000 of the 187,000 attributed deaths. Most of these deaths were in the elderly.

Top Canadian doctors caught on Hot Mic

don't know why I bring my own papers, when... I just read whatever they have written for me...

Fauci caught lying (again)


And the media is cooperating with him:
The CDC lied about isolating the Covid 19 virus:

Kari Lake from KSAZ Fox-10

In the past few years, I haven’t felt proud to be a member of the media. I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way. I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful – or only told part of the story.

Leaving job as a news anchor, Emmy award-winning News Anchor Kari Lake says in a video explaining why she’s quitting a successful 22-year career with Arizona television station KSAZ Fox-10.

And I began to feel that I was contributing to the fear and division in this country by continuing in this profession. It’s been a serious struggle for me, and I no longer want to do this job anymore. So, I’ve decided the time is right to do something else, and I’m leaving Fox 10.


WHO Chief

Now that we absolutely know that the Covid-19 shots ARE dangerous and lethal in 6,000 cases as of 7/14/2021, WHO chief executive caught lying to the public that there are no risks with taking the shot while saying the contrary in a closed meeting:

Fake Vaccine Shots

A compilation of fake shots given to people in front of the camera:

Another compilation of fake shots and how they do it:

Whistleblower April Moss

Another whistleblower has come forward to reveal corruption and political biases in mainstream media. April Moss, formerly of CBS62 in Detroit, told Project Veritas the network had produced fake stories to legitimize and promote COVID-19 vaccines.

Disinfecting street show in the UK

Here is a great example of fear-mongering in the UK. 2 workers are dressed like astronauts taking pictures of one of them posing as if he is disinfecting public areas, while not really doing too much work except posing to the camera. It is beyond obvious that those people were sent there to aggregate footage for the media to showcase how the virus (plandemic) is still a major threat to the population. While, in actuality, the real threat is from the vaccine rather than the virus.

Manipulative doctor lies go far

Here is another unbelievable deception story uncovered by Natural News:
(Natural News) A hospital physician from Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama recently penned a heart-wrenching story on social media about young, healthy patients dying from covid, begging her for vaccines.
A closer inspection of the Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham tells a much different story. Brytney Cobia completely fabricated her story, and her name doesn’t even appear in the hospital’s directory.

Click the image for a bigger and more detailed version

 Brytney Cobia doesn’t appear in Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama list of doctors

In fact, the hospital has not admitted a single pediatric patient for covid-19 since their data was made available, a year ago.

Click the image for a bigger and more detailed version

And the average number of adult covid-19 patients from week-to-week ranges between 4 and 8 in a hospital with 449 hospital beds and 91 ICU beds. These beds are usually 70 – 90 percent full – not with covid patients, but with patients struggling from other, more serious health issues (many of which are related to the vaccines).

Click the image for a bigger and more detailed version

Ukrainian hospital empty during Covid and staff is maskless

7 news Melbourne busted faking Corona virus news footage





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