Resist the global Eugenic agenda |

Resist the global Eugenic agenda

It is easy to sink back to the indoctrinated shiny road to Auschwitz, by just complying. They lure us with easing unconstitutional and inhumane restrictions THEY came up with.

Isn't it ironic that they feed you with something that harms your immune system more than anything else, after they compromised it with their lethal shot, telling you: ITS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION! Be obedient, follow Simon and you'll contribute to the communal effort. I wonder when it was said before... Yes, Nazi Germany.

When you tell yourself or someone tells you, how can it be, everyone would have known about it if it was true, send them to learn some not too far history of the Third Reich and how everyone complied with the government.
We are as easy to mold and re-form as room-temperature Play-doh. The Eugenic controllers know that (from Nazi horrific experiments on humans and their psychic) and use it excessively and, as you see all around you with your friends, family and colleagues, successfully. They are the masters of social engineering and population control. They are not Jews, Christians, Muslims and obviously not Buddhists. They do hide behind religions and exploit them to their own selfish and sadistic reasoned though.

They do their social interventions using perverted deception methods and mind manipulation technics. Your TV is their prime tool for that and whom watches TV or listens to "public" radio stations is currently under their hypnosis, and chances they will stay hypnotized for their entire lives.

American Eugenics and Nazi Germany never died, they changed their name and went on for generations only to become a Global monster! Hitler never worked alone. He had the financial backing from American companies and organizations well into the second world war. Some of his scientists (600) were brought to America to work after the war. What with? Among other topics, populations' mind manipulation (MK Ultra).

When a dis-ease has 99.7% survival rate and they close all "non" essential businesses and forcibly drag people into poverty for that small percentage, YOU should be alarmed. All the red bells have been ringing for the last year like crazy and ONLY hypnotized humans would not have heard them. That is why we shout at you loudly - WAKE UP! Because you defending the actions of the Nazis is a clear proof that you are still sleeping.



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