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Weather Modifications

Since ancient times man has dreamed of manipulating the weather to his advantage. His efforts to this end have ranged from drawing pictographs, lighting ceremonial fires, participating in rain dances and then during the past twenty-one years directing his attention toward utilizing certain scientific relationships to initiate physical and chemical reactions in the atmosphere.  the early history of weather modification

The idea of seeding clouds with dry ice to initiate or increase rainfall came up as early as the 19th century and since then has been developed and perfected by private and governmental agencies.

Those agencies became so adept with what they are doing, in most part quietly, that they reached a God's level with their ability to manipulate and use the natural forces of mother nature. The following is an explanation of what they achieved and how they do it:

An Introduction to Chemtrails by Dane Wigington, the founder of

A more in-depth documentary about the Geo-engineering going on throughout the globe:

In reality, there are many companies that offer weather modification services to cities and states. Here is an example of an organization in Texas that does just that:



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