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Who controls your world?

It is not new that a tiny minority of the world population controls most of the world's resources and are the owners of the biggest monopolies which our lives are in many cases depending on.

Is Global Warming real?

Conversations That Matter - Dr. Patrick Moore in part 2 of our Conversation where he takes issue with NGO’s over climate, genetically modified organisms and what he says is the truth about carbon.

Impacts of chemical farming

If authentic, these records confirm that Monsanto knew that their PCBs were harmful and pervasive in the environment and kept selling them in spite of that fact. They knew the dangers, but hid them from the public in order to profit. 

Weather Modifications

Since ancient times man has dreamed of manipulating the weather to his advantage. His efforts to this end have ranged from drawing pictographs, lighting ceremonial fires, participating in rain dances...

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