Satanism and MK Ultra |

Satanism and MK Ultra

It seems that our world is being ran by a group of satanic people who sneakily and gradually shove their religion to us and our kids' brains without anyone paying attention.

Why would Teen Vogue explains how to use menstrual blood in Witchcraft to their 12-17-year-old readers?

And that’s the thing. If teachers in the last year funneled to our kids the satanic Mask propaganda of COVID without really understanding what they were doing, they will funnel witchcraft and other Satanic ideas and rituals to our kids, by just following protocols.

Worst? The puzzled-muzzled and reality-challenged parents who will give their kids the shots without even inquiring what's inside, just virtue-signaling, will also expose their kids to satanic influence, again, not realizing what they are doing.

I literally saw a mother muzzling her two kids (3,7) before leaving the table in an outdoor restaurant to have a walk under the skies. That is even after the priest, Fauci, said that masks are not needed anymore...

The pictures below are from today's trip to a small PA town, inside a souvenir shop, where there is a section for Satanic tools and knowledge!
Is it only me flipping here or it’s really all around us?
I remember those symbols from when I was a kid also but now it seems to be more in your face. Maybe it’s just my awareness from spending time researching the topic...

I see parallels with Cathy O’Brien’s horrendous story about being a sex slave in her childhood. It seems to me that all this very spread-out penetrating propaganda is in actuality collective grooming for all kids to be ready for what is the worst of the worst for them and for their families. Being kidnaped, tortured, and sacrificed to the Moloch.

Here are celebrities signaling who they are by posing with the all-knowing eye of the Illuminati/Satan. Here are images of known figures doing the Satan horns symbol, shamelessly.

Anton Lavey, who established the church of Satan, explains the Devil's horn gesture.

Even the Trolls have been recruited to move the Satanic message:

The infiltration of Satanism into any aspect of society, especially into the mainstream entertainment program.




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