The Anti-Semite leaders of Israel and Zionism |

The Anti-Semite leaders of Israel and Zionism

Where were the Zionists before, during, and after the holocaust? This short documentary shows how Zionism is not and has never been part of Judaism. The Zionist leaders planned and succeeded in stripping the religion from the Jewish people who came to Israel from Europe (and from Arab countries) to make them something new. A loyal and blind servants of the Globalists' cabal. But why would the Zionists insist on NOT helping and supporting the murder of Jews in Europe while the second world war was going on? Was it a sacrifice? If yes, what for? Maybe bigger and stronger powers than the Jewish and even the Zionist ones?

In 1895 Ehad Haam said, if we keep on treating the local inhabitants of Palestine like that, we will have a disaster.
Here is Dr. Gabor Maté, a Holocaust survivor, talking with Russell Brand about Israel, Zionism, and Palestinians:

The Jewish/Muslim conflict's roots can be traced back to the British empire and its partition of the Middle East with the French to European mandates rather than an Arab state with the local ruler, as was promised to the Faisal, the Muslim ruler of Syria.
By promising the province of Palestine to the European Jews, the British created armed resistance amongst local Palestinians early in the 20's century that manifested in terror attacks and pogroms made by the Muslims against the Jews.
The Muslims could not accept that they will be ruled by a small minority of newcomers from Europe on their land. Thus the endless combat between the two groups had never seized.


A lot of Israelis believe the Muslims ran out of the country willingly. Here is a document that shows that the Muslims tried to go back to their villages, and the order was to collect them, send them away, burn and destroy their villages.




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From Facebook: Monday, 26 July 2021 at 02:31 We confirmed that your comment didn't follow the Community Standards We reviewed your comment again and it doesn't follow our Community Standards. And... here is the comment: The Jews were chased and hated because of the Zionists and their long term goal to erect a secular enclave in the Middle East. Something they succeeded with. Arab (Muslims and) Jews until the Zionists were well connected with each other and had successful life in their respective (Arab) countries. We also know of zionists who bombed synagogues in Iraq in order to push the Jews who did not want to leave to do Aaliyah. Zionists were and are snakes under the hey. They were also the ones (Rothschild) who sponsored both sides of the world wars and specifically the German guy. Also, those Zionists were never religious and were more relating to secret societies than Judaism. Just look at the Supreme Court in Israel and the All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati there. Horrific realization! Not just that, every other square in Israel is named The Free Masons square. Etc. etc. You know who got the only rights to drill for oil in the Golan Heights? You got it, the Rothschild. Check out the company Ginie Oil productions. See who is in the board of directors. Establishing the land of the Rothschild was a very very profitable business. We, the Jews, were and still are a pawn in this game, rather than a decision takers and reality shapers. Other than that, Jews should be able to live in the what’s called West Bank and not only, also in Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, etc. On the same time Palestinians should be able to also live anywhere they want in the Middle East, including what is now Israel and Palestine. We need to get rid of the Zionists and rebuild our future together with our brothers and sisters Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. Colonization must be stopped!

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