The cycle of evil |

The cycle of evil

Think about it, the ruling globalist elite's media is built to maintain its servants' (army, police, intelligencia, politicians, and others) loyalty by constantly pumping a divisive narrative and fakery into their already subjugated brains. The ruling elites do not aim at us when they spew their next digested carrot to lead the Useful Idiots. They do not talk to us but rather talk about us as a marginalized group to those servants from above, which ends up in a never-ending internal conflict that has no place in a healthy world and could have been avoided if not completely nonexistent.   

Nothing has changed on Earth since king Charles the 1st (and before) as far as how the elites look at and treat the masses. Having a king in 2022 that has 14 subjugated colonies just proves it!
We were lied to all our lives that we live in Democracies with a free press and unbiased justice system. Instead, we have been living under the rule of sadistic tyrants and not-so-secret societies who still control the world through their banking system and the false belief that their money has any tangible value. Their money has been a promise that fulfilled itself, until now, when people and nations around the world start to lose their faith in the dollar-imposed religion and move on to alternative coins.

Only when the ruling elites will not be able to pay their servants for their loyalty and will start suffering, the house of cards will collapse and the vicious cycle will be broken. Until then, people will do anything, as cruel as it might be, when they are being paid well enough and receive medals of honor for their contribution to the ongoing subjugation of humanity.




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